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About Me

Born in Italy I lived the majority of my adult life abroad interacting with multiple cultures and languages. Working as a professional dancer for over ten years taught me the meaning of team work, helped develop my creativity and my vision of aesthetic movement. 


My engaging and curious nature brought me to slowly shift my focus to photography as an alternative way of expression. I learned the technical side of it through world awarded online instructors and I later specialised in portrait and dance photography linking together two art forms  giving shape to my envisionments.


In a world where everything is constantly evolving , I have found the joy of capturing moments, landscapes, emotions that will be one day forever gone. I try to approach my photography with that idea in mind, knowing that every click is unique and distinct. 


I am eager to challenge myself into new projects, discuss what suits you to create the most unique results in a fun and friendly environment.

Working on a Computer_edited_edited.jpg
Studio Photography Session_edited.jpg
Image by Joanna Kosinska


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