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"Landscape photography is the first photography type I have been attracted to.

With my first dslr camera at hand I used to wonder from place to place trying to get some nice shots. I quickly found out how the research of the perfect composition and beautiful light can be time demanding. This type of photography requires a whole set of technical skills and deep knowledge of your gears. I love Landscape photography because it allows you to get a snap of a place and ables you to take it home." 

The images listed below are available for sale, don't hesitate to contact us if interested.

Sunset at Velence Lake, Hungary
Puente de San Paolo, Cuenca, Spain
Casas Colgadas, Cuenca,Spain
The Three ,Rural Landscape, French Basque Country
The Hill, French Basque Country
Rural Landscape, French Basque Country
Sunset ,Biarritz, France
The Light House , Biarritz, France
La Villa Belza, Biarritz, France
Villa Belza at night, Biarritz , France
Eglise Saint-Martin, Biarrtiz , France
La Ciutadella, Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian Parliament, Budapest, Hungary
Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest , Hungary
St. Stephen's Cathedral, Budapest, Hungary
Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary
Balaton Lake, Hungary
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